The Star’s Sydney Casino Throws doors Open amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Star’s Sydney Casino
The Star’s Sydney Casino

Australia biggest Sydney casino operator The Star Entertainment Group is now throwing COVID-19 caution to the wind. This comes after the lifting of lockdown restrictions for real money casino gamblers in Aussie.

On Wednesday, The Star announced its eponymous Sydney casino will allow close to 5,000 patrons to access the gambling area.

The Sydney casino, which was ordered to close in Mid-March to combat the spread of COVID-19, was permitted to open on a limitless basis on June 1. This came with conditions that they have to allow only 500 members who are on the casino’s loyalty program.

Moreover, the casino was also restricted to open only VIP areas. These include private gaming rooms and food and beverage outlets.

Nevertheless, the Sydney casino has now opened its doors to loyal club members, their guests along with the public. The gambling premises has also received permission to function all the casino electronic gaming machines and table games. This comes with the provision of appropriate social distancing signage.

The Star Sydney Casino Operating at Full Capacity

The Star casino is also on the verge of opening its two Queensland properties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast starting from Friday 3 July. The casino capacity at Brisbane will be capped at 2,300 whilst the Gold Coast will be at 2,600. These measures are there to ensure the social distance requirements.

Matt Bekier Star’s CEO said the conservative approach in reopening The Star Sydney casino gave the company “further confidence in our operating and safety procedures.” Bekier mentioned that the current situation will enable the company to “welcome back an additional approximately 3,000 employees” after letting off 8,100 staff in March following the shutdown order.

The Star casino has witnessed a massive improvement in June since the authorities have permitted the increase of visitors at the casino. From June 19 when the number of guests were increased to 900 the average daily slot and table games turnover was the same with the private gaming room levels.

In addition, the other development that was in place such as the Sydney casino’s new Sovereign room for international VIP was supposed to be fully functional in May, but it was improbable due to COVID-19.

Therefore, we are going to witness the opening of the Sovereign room on July 3 whilst a formal opening is scheduled for August.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to a halt and as it stands most casinos in Aussie are pushing harder to bring real money casino gaming back to life. Australian gamblers need to make sure that they look for the best land casino that is following all the precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus. The practice of social distancing, wearing of facemask and disinfecting by using sanitizers is very vital now.


[accordiongroup id=”787″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”787″ title=”⭐ Is the Star Casino Sydney Open?” active=”true”]The star casino Sydney has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the casino is now operating under the safety measures required by the health experts.[/accordion][accordion group=”787″ title=”⭐ Who owns the Star Casino in Sydney?” active=””]Echo Entertainment is a group of people that owns this magnificent casino venue in Austral[/accordion][accordion group=”787″ title=”⭐ How much is Star Casino worth?” active=””]The Star Entertainment Group is worth $4.9 billion making it the second largest casino company operating in Sydney Brisbane and Gold Coast.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]