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After months of ongoing coronavirus pandemic lockdowns along with other safety measures. Casinos in neighboring New Zealand along with three venues under the SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited have been fully opened.

The SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited is a local casino operator that has revealed the availability of gambling venues in New Zealand. The casinos are now open without following coronavirus-related protocols that impose social distance measures.

However, the Sydney and Wellington-listed casino operator have gone on to re-open its three venues. This comes after the New Zealand government reduced the lockdown measures caused by the coronavirus. This global pandemic has also limited the number of foreigners who are flying into the country and various cities to play casino games.

In addition, New Zealand has recorded 1,178 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 1,134 recoveries and 22 deaths. These numbers are not the worst considering other countries such as the United States, China and Italy. And it is very commendable that many people are recovering compared to the deaths.

Normal Gambling Activities Returns at SkyCity Entertainment Limited Casinos

The SkyCity Entertainment Group shut down their gambling operation at all the gambling venues on 23 March. Thereafter, a month later the casinos have been ordered to re-open their casinos. This comes with the New Zealand government updating its health management framework.

This framework highlight that casinos must have their gaming floor divided into different zones. In addition, it also indicated that casino visitors will have to practice social distancing measures. At the same time, they have to increase the distance between gaming tables and real money slot machines.

SkyCity Entertainment Limited Casinos
SkyCity Entertainment Limited Casinos

To this very day, some of these measures are no longer into existence and the trio of SkyCity Entertainment Group casinos returns to its normal business operation and normal working hours.

Final Thoughts

Gambling in Australia and New Zealand move along with each other. And there is a real possibility that most land casinos in Aussie will also open in the coming days. Only a few are in operation. But there is a possibility that more casinos will open soon. On the interim, you can still place your bets online and play for real money now!


[accordiongroup id=”42″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”42″ title=”⭐ Is SkyCity casino open?” active=”true”]The SkyCity casino Auckland is open 24 hours. The casino is only closed on Christmas day and Good Friday. But the restaurants’ are open during that time.[/accordion][accordion group=”42″ title=”⭐ Can I play real money casino games at SkyCity Casinos?” active=””]SkyCity offers a wide range of casino games from high roller table game to exciting slot games.[/accordion][accordion group=”42″ title=”⭐ How many casinos are in New Zealand?” active=””]There are six good casinos operating in New Zealand. And the first one was opened in 1994.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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