Australian Online Gambling Expenditure Still above Pre-Pandemic levels

Australia gambling

Aussie casino gambler continues to spend a lot of real money on online gambling during the lockdown period. The recent report of figures from the economic analysts AlphaBeta and credit bureau Ilion show total spending in the week ending of June 1 falling only 2%. Nevertheless, the spending from other sectors of the economy on … Read more

Illegal Online Casinos Thriving During COVID-19 Lockdown

Illegal Online Casino

Traffic to illegal online casinos are flourishing during the global COVID-19 lockdown. Even though the government of Australia has regulated a whack-a-mole attempt to combat illegal casino online sites in the country. However, according to the new data collection carried out by analytics organisation, SEMrush. The number of searches in Australia for “online pokies” has … Read more

Uncertainties Over Crown Sydney Casino as China Warns Citizens Not to Travel to Australia

Crown Sydney

The Chinese government instruction advising its citizens not to travel to Australia impends to extract an under-construction $2,2bn casino complex on the Sydney harbour site a “White Elephant”. Industry experts highlighted that the Crown Sydney Casino project will no longer rely on income from the high-roller gamblers from China who were the main actors to … Read more

Casino Closure Led to 140% Online Gambling Growth in Australia

Casino Closure

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, that has led to the closure of many businesses. There are some good news in the Australian gambling space. Online gambling in Australia has massively grown 140% according to the gaming regulator. Addressing at ICE Asia Digital meeting, the prominent Officer of Liquor and Gaming Regulations (OLGR) Queensland executive director, Michael … Read more

Australia Sees Rise in Online Gambling During Shutdown

Online Gambling

Just like any other country in the world, Australia has also injected money into its economy in a bid to fund the COVID-19 pandemic. The state managed to fund pensioners along with social security beneficiaries a once-off A$750 to boost consumer spending. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected both personal lives and businesses in Australia and … Read more

Online Casino Legislation Guide

Casino Legislation

Despite online casino being a new kid in the block and relatively young, it has already evolved in a complex thing rather. One of the main mishaps when it comes to these complex things is that they are very tough to regulate. Well, online gambling is actually no exception. Therefore, as the gambling industry keeps … Read more